Virtual Staging

Homes with staged photos are selling faster and for a higher price. Staged homes are proven to generate more traffic & more showings with Digital Curb Appeal.


Virtual Staging is the art and application of technology to design for empty spaces. Images can be filled with consumer products, such as couches, chairs, tables, beds, plants, and other products.

How Will Your Listing Do On The Virtual Stage?

Staged Homes Sell for More

In a 2018 survey of more than 4,000 homes, 68% of staged homes sold for at least 9% more than those of their unstaged neighbors’.  85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes.

Maximize Desirability

Virtual Staging increases a homes warmth which maximizes the home's best potential for a consumer. Staging  creates the emotional connection with people which is necessary to promote engagement.

Digital Curb Appeal

In today's market you need maximum visual appeal. Most home searches start on a mobile device. Staging is proven to attract more web traffic than unstaged homes, generating more showings for your clients.

Ready To Start Staging?

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