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The Future Is On The Virtual Stage

Vantage S3D Virtual Staging Platform 3-25-2019


The Vantage S3D is an appliance computer with high-tech GPUs which boast amazing performance. Included with the appliance are all the hardware (mouse, keyboard, 2x high resolution displays, cords, UPS, etc.) and software (2D/3D software programs) which are needed to edit and master your own virtual imagery. The full hardware specifications of the system are not available as yet, but we will be proud to share them when we have finalized the system specifications.

Our software was created with a focus on the optimization of both the time to create a staged picture, but also to increase the overall quality of the final product.

We provide all instructions, including videos and manuals necessary for you to virtually stage imagery.

When you receive this appliance, you can be making images and generating revenue within 24 hours.

The system will include all of the components to create complete and beautifully staged pictures, out of the box.

Never Has The Industry Witnessed Quality Like This!


Staged Homes Sell for More

In a 2018 survey of more than 4,000 homes, 68% of staged homes sold for at least 9% more than those of their unstaged neighbors’.  85% of staged homes sold for 6-25% more than unstaged homes.

Bedroom interior design 3 D rendering

Maximize Desirability

Virtual Staging maximizes a homes warmth which maximizes the home's best potential for a consumer. Staging props creates the emotional connection with people which is necessary to promote engagement.

Two young business colleagues working on computer together

Easy Design With User Friendly Software

You do not have to be a computer expert or design guru to operate our software. Our software was designed and built for a typical computer user making it both easy-to-use and fast.

Cozy winter interior design for minimalist with wooden accessories, warm colors and fire logs

Stay Trendy

Using virtual consumer products allows you to keep up with trends without having to purchase furniture or props. Staging companies can diversify their inventory & replace aged or worn staging furniture in new markets.

Stylish living room interior design with green accessories

Add Versatility To Your Staging Services

Virtual Staging costs 10x less than traditional staging.  Agents are guaranteed to win more deals, by offering a more versatile staging option, which keeps your customers happy.

Two customers entering interior design store

Traditional Staging Companies Take The Power Back!

Professional Stagers are known to have a superior advantage through acquired knowledge, trends, and experience in staging. Through our products we are providing the tools you need, to make your business more successful than ever before.

Opportunity: Get Our Product Before Anyone Else
  • We lease our Virtual Staging technology so there is no up front capital expenses, or long-term risks.
  • Through leasing, we ensure the support and content of the technology is working and up-to-date.
  • Business benefits from knowing their fixed costs, and through our partnered sales and marketing channels, we help sell their services in their markets.
  • With Vantage S3D technology, our customers can gain more market share, generate new revenue, and sell virtual products at competitive prices with high margins.
  • We are only going to provide our product to a limited number of organizations by geographic location, allowing us to help drive demand and revenue for our customers.

Download The Vantage S3D Brochure

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Product Details

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  • Library Of Professional Staged Furniture
  • Multiple Skill Level Modes
  • Regional Territory Where We Send You Leads
  • Your Territory Referenced On Our Site
  • Recurring Content Updates

Become A Distributor

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  • Recurring Revenue On Sales
  • Grandfathered Into A New Technology Startup
  • Machine Vision Training Consulting
  • Free Enhanced Training
  • No Upfront Franchise Costs


  • All business owners get invited to a review of the Return On Investment for the product related to their business.
  • Companies interested in working with us will participate in a executive council that will drive product update features and content based on their own vision and customer demands.
  • Distributor and service territories will not last long. Reach out to us immediately to participate in this emerging industry with our low-cost technology.

Download The Vantage S3D Brochure

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