Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the art of taking the reality you see, and then modifying it with computers to show you something new and different.

Some of the basic features of augmented reality include:

» Overlaying important data so you see the original imaging and new data drawn over the top

» Inject new objects that are not really present

» Remove or change objects or their composition

» Allow you to interface with the virtual aspects of a space, and even modify the original space on-demand

Buying Furniture

You can buy furniture and know it will look great! Take a picture of your living room and place the furniture you like.

Redo Carpeting or Other Flooring

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to replace that 1980s shag with wood laminate?

Redesign A Room - No Primer Needed

Paint a wall, or part of a wall. Using overlays it's easy to see how a house can be retrofited, and with much less cost than trial and error.

Design By Demographic

Imagine your media was automatically designed to your viewers desires.

Virtual Tours

Experience walking through a property by watching a video, moving around with a mouse, or even using a VR headset.

Virtually Anything

Stop thinking about only the inside of a property. Let's go outside.

Let's talk landscaping. Let's talk architecture. Let's talk property design.

Fall 2019

This summer we begin a journey into a new age at Zipp3D, where our artistry is only limited by your imagination.

Stay tuned as we unfold our Augmented Reality service line with a variety of services over the next several years.

Our first Luxury Augmented Reality service is True 3D Virtual Staging, which boasts extremely high-quality texturing and lighting for the most demanding sellers, designers, consumer product corporations and Top Producing real-estate agents.


Why Work With Us

We are great at what we do. And we are always pushing the limits and ourselves to higher standards and better work products.

By combining our media marketing services and Augmented Reality technologies, we are at the forefront of an evolution that is affecting all of us across this entire industry.

  • Focus current marketing approaches and methodology on measurable results
  • We define new channels for consumer products through product placement in Augmented Reality
  • Provide the most effective marketing for and to our customers by leveraging multiple audiences through single channel advertising
  • Drive artistic style and quality through current media services in high-end video, artistic photography and media consulting


Our Philosophy

If you can do it in real life... then we can probably simulate it in a virtual environment. Powered by our own unique software, we believe that creating experiences using Augmented Reality can provide time-savings and reduced costs for consumers across the entire Property Technology industry.

We are going for a ride, do you want to be a part of it?